Typing Ottoman in Emacs


Since Emacs 24 had right-to-left language support, it is theoretically possible to write in Ottoman. But there is no standard input method for Ottoman Turkish and writing Ottoman in, say, Farsi is not a flowing experience.

Emacs is probably the most customizable and extendable piece of software in the world. Therefore it should be very easy to set up another input method specifically for Ottoman, right?

Right. I checked the sources and there was an input method for Farsi It's aimed towards Westerners who don't typically have Farsi keyboard. I decided to base my solution to that.

However, as I have a visual transliteration myself, I decided to use it instead with several shortcuts. It's a bit verbose but easier to remember for infrequent use. And also with defined shortcuts (Capital letter) for frequent use. So I decided to use visual transliteration for Ottoman as a basis for the input method.

The letter input is as in the visual transliteration table. However a few capital letter shortcuts are also added.

Following table shows the letters for basic input. Most of the three letter constructs have alternatives as capital letters shown within the parantheses.

Letter / Input Letter / Input Letter / Input Letter / Input

ء c ا e ب bu1 (B) پ bu3 (P) ت bo2 (T) ث bo3 ج xu1 (C) چ xu3 (Ç) ح x خ xo1 (X) د d ذ do1 ر r ز ro1 (Z) ژ ro3 (J) س s ش so3 (Ş) ص z ض zo1 (D) ط t ظ to1 ع a غ ao1 (Ğ) ف fo1 (F) ق fo2 (Q) ك lo5 (K) ك k ك lo5 گ ko7 (G) ڭ ko3 ڭ lo5o3 ڭ ko5o3 ل l م m ن bo1 (N) و w ؤ wo5 ه h ة ho2 ی y ي bu2 ئ yo5 آ eo6 (A) أ eo5 (E)

The digits all start with n

Letter / Input Letter / Input Letter / Input Letter / Input Letter / Input

۰ n0 ۱ n1 ۲ n2 ۳ n3 ۴ n4 ۵ n5 ۶ n6 ۷ n7 ۸ n8 ۹ n9

As the letters in Ottoman (and Farsi) sometimes don't obey the rules of connection, sometimes a zero width non joiner character, namely a 0 width space between letters are required. This disallows two letters to connect in usual manner. It can be put in this input method by either &zwnj;, || or <>. This is important in writing suffixes of some words.

You can see other punctuation from the .el file itself.

The file is downloadable from Teknokrat's github page

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