Synergy Keyboard Sharing Does Not Work


When you have more than one computer on your desk, you look for ways to reduce the clutter caused by two keyboards and mice. One of the ways is using Synergy to share a single computer's mouse and keyboard in others.

I used this a few years ago and I remember having paid for it, though the free version should also be working. Configuration was through text files and now you have a graphical dialog for it, that's nice.

However when I began to use it, a basic problem (which was probably persisting from my older days but which I forgot) reminded me why I stopped using it: Yes, the keyboard is shared but except the AltGr key. Some users have hacked Alt to behave as AltGr but as an Emacs user with Turkish keyboard, I need both. So effectively for me and for International keyboard users, Synergy doesn't work, though you don't know this bug before you buy the idea and product.

Looks a $10 KVM switch is a much more relevant investment.

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