Mounting Android phones in terminal in Linux


In the good old days, accessing the files in an Android phone was easy. Just plugging via USB port was showing the phone as an external drive. Nowadays, as we need more secure and reliable protocols, it needs new commands to mount them as disks.

I'm using jmtpfs for mounting phones. First install it via

sudo aptitude install jmtpfs

and make a directory in your \$HOME like

mkdir ~/myphone

then, after plugging the phone, type

jmtpfs ~/myphone

should mount the phone under the directory. Note that, if you have a password/pattern to unlock your phone, you need to unlock your phone. Otherwise when you cd \~/myphone it will say Input Output Error or something similar.

After you unlock the phone, you can use this directory to use your phone as an external disk. Then when you want to finish and unmount, simply type

fusermount -u ~/myphone

and your phone is ready to be unplugged.

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