Dervaze Development August 2014


Search Key for Ottoman

I need to find a way to create search key for Ottoman words, so that users are able to find them easily. Both visual encoding and Unicode have duplicate codes for the same character so the search may not work as expected.


The main problem regarding search is finding the words in Ottoman spelling. We don't directly search the Ottoman part, instead we search the Visual Encoding for words. But Visual Encoding has a few quirks, like using both y and bu2 for the ی (yah). When the letter comes between two other letters like in the word خیر it's denoted as bu2, as it's represented as two dots under a b but when it comes as the last element, it's usually represented as y. Hence, the same letter has two such representations in Visual Encoding. Some other letters have also this problem and in some cases, the Ottoman spelling is not standard and we are better to find a way to increase the recall by decreasing a bit of precision, as the user can select the most appropriate from the list anyway.

Hence I created just another encoding for search keys in Ottoman.

Abjad Calculations

Abjad calculations are put into the database for each word. The values are shown to the user in their queries. Also queries are extended so that searching an integer returns a list of words with that abjad value.

Removing Image Background

In's logo, the background was white and I created favicon with logo. It looked bad in Chrome with the default blue title bar. I used to replace the white with transparent.

Adding Word Page

I added a page for each word. These pages show the details of the word like the source. There is a problem in the Ottoman text though, some of the letters are not connecting.

Adding Links to the Main

The links in the main are created using a string concatenation in dervaze.js. The color of the links in all web application is set in dervaze.css.

Adding an Error Page

The error reporting page for a word should have the correct values. It also can list the sources, and a new source box for new sources.

This page can also be used for new word entry.

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