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How to shuffle lists in Emacs

When I began to use Spacemacs I needed a way to shuffle the theme list. Normally I'd use a randomization function but as this is my first day in Spacemacs and I don't want to spend my time debugging intricacies of it, I decided to find a single function to …

Synergy Keyboard Sharing Does Not Work

When you have more than one computer on your desk, you look for ways to reduce the clutter caused by two keyboards and mice. One of the ways is using Synergy to share a single computer's mouse and keyboard in others.

I used this a few years ago and I …

Git LFS vs Git Annex

I'm using git annex for a few years now. I cannot consider myself a fan but among its alternatives, it's longest I was able to work together.

Its alternatives?

Dropbox is slow (maybe only here in Turkey, maybe elsewhere too.) Google Drive doesn't have a proper Linux client and one …

Increasing Numpy Array Size

ndarray of NumPy occupies a continous space in memory, it's not designed to be expanded continously. It's much better to size the an array to the maximum size then to increase the size in runtime.

However when an input size is not fully determined and it may be so large …

DTW instead of Hausdorff Distance

DTW is normally applied to time series and similar 1D signals. However, the text contours are 2D and we weren't able to identify any 2D DTW function in the literature. There are two main problems in applying a 1D comparison method to a 2D feature.

  1. DTW assumes the feature is …

Mounting Android phones in terminal in Linux

In the good old days, accessing the files in an Android phone was easy. Just plugging via USB port was showing the phone as an external drive. Nowadays, as we need more secure and reliable protocols, it needs new commands to mount them as disks.

I'm using jmtpfs for mounting …

Typing Ottoman in Emacs

Since Emacs 24 had right-to-left language support, it is theoretically possible to write in Ottoman. But there is no standard input method for Ottoman Turkish and writing Ottoman in, say, Farsi is not a flowing experience.

Emacs is probably the most customizable and extendable piece of software in the world …

Converting Python Files to Cython

We make our prototypes in Python. A prototype's purpose is its fast production. However sometimes this fast production aim contradicts with fast execution and we need to parts in C. Recently, instead of C, I tried Cython as an alternative to convert Python programs partially to C.

Suppose we have …

Adding Links Through JQuery

I prefer JQuery way of append() than plain JavaScript inner HTML method of adding elements to a page. This way it is easier to identify errors and produce nice DOM trees without dealing with markup.

In I added a page for each element in the dictionary. These pages …

Abjad calculations are now in dervaze

dervaze screenshot

Abjad numerals is a number system where each letter represents a number in Arabic alphabet. For example ا (alef) is used for 1, م (meem) is used for 40. The words are additive, hence the word ما (ma) is 41.

The full table for the numerals are as follows.

{.sourceCode … updated

Finally, we have completed adding another 17.000 words from Belviranli's Ottoman spelling dictionary and now has about 27500 Ottoman words.

We will continue to include more words, especially proper names as much as possible.'u Genişletiyoruz

Osmanlı Türkçesi için hazırladığımız imla lügatine 17.850 civarında yeni kelime eklendi. Kelimelerin yazımını tamamladık. Tashihi bittikten sonra dervaze halihazırdaki 10.500 kelimeyle beraber en geniş Osmanlıca imla lügati olacak.


Linux'ta Date Komutu

Linux terminalde date komutuna birden fazla parametre geçmek gerektiğinde,

{.sourceCode .bash} date +"%F %R"

şeklinde, " (çift tırnak) işaretini kullanmak gerekiyor.

PostgreSQL with Django

In debian, install the following packages: libpq-dev, postresql-9.3, postgresql-contrib-9.3

Change to postgres user using sudo su - postgres

Create a database using createdb mydb

Create a new user by createuser -P myuser

Open postgresql by psql and grant all on mydb to myuser

Change the database options of the …

zsh'de parametre açılımı

zsh parametre açılımı (expansion) için bash ve diğerlerinde olmayan çeşitli kolaylıklar sunuyor.

{.sourceCode .bash} % filename=$HOME/mydir/myfile.txt % print ${filename:h} /home/iesahin/mydir % print ${filename:t} myfile.txt % print ${filename:e} txt % print ${filename:h:t} mydir % print ${filename:t:r} myfile

Dervaze Development August 2014

Search Key for Ottoman

I need to find a way to create search key for Ottoman words, so that users are able to find them easily. Both visual encoding and Unicode have duplicate codes for the same character so the search may not work as expected.


The main problem …